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August 08, 2008


Joe Little

I see your point. And I can vouch for Israel Gat. A smart man.


My concern is, as you no doubt have heard before, that we can be seen to be (or even be) leading an irrational, unlearning religion.

We need a few skeptics. We need to continually check the data fairly. We must love our enemies as well.

A person who is doing Agile en passant today may have passion tomorrow. Maybe he will have seen the next Catherine Deneuve. ;-}

Whomever one is, be that. No one else is as well qualified.

Regards, Joe


Joe, it is actually very simple.

It has been a year now since we got the QSMA evaluation of BMC's time-to-market, productivity and quality for the BMC Performance Manager releases 2.3 and 2.4. The wealth of data provided to us by SQMA has led us into a long introspection (you might actually call it a retrospective). In particular, I am still searching for the deeper truth - what really really really was the secret sauce that led to such good results and how can it be effectively shared with other Agile practitioners so that succes would be repeated and enhanced. Some of my previous posts in this blog (and elsewhere) were focused on this very topic.

As the BMC exprience crystalizes more and more for me, various ingredients of the secret sauce, which I might not have been fully cognizant or appreciative of before, come to the fore. For one reason or another, and I do not fully know what the reason might be, my assessment these days is that authenticity was absolutely critical to our success.

I am actually working right now on a post entitled "Over the Top" which aims at uncovering one other ingredient which led to our success. Why have not I written about this ingredient before? Very simple - I got an email this week from one of the guys that were on the BMC Agile team, highlighting this neglected ingredient.

Stay tuned...


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